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Welcome to Blacksmith Farms
Blacksmith Farms
We buy all of our logs from area logging contractors and private landowners who are
working to save our forests from fire and disease.  This renewable resource is then
processed into high-quality fuel for use in home heating, campfire and back yard
firepits, as well as cook fires for both residential and commercial customers.

We also offer an ever-increasing variety of specialty woods, including hand-craft,
house logs, beam wood, carving, urban wood pieces, blued pine, and more.  

SCHEDULE UPDATE 9/17/14:  Thanks to everyone who has ordered, our delivery
schedule is currently FULL through the end of 2014.  We are accepting
orders only
for any cancellations/schedule changes at this time for fall 2014 deliveries.

We do still have self pick-up available later in October.  
Blacksmith Farms is a family-owned and operated
business located in northern Idaho.  The Smith family
is third-generation in the fuel wood industry, and we
are proud to carry on our family's reputation for integrity.